Introducing Portrait of Perpetual Perplexity

A mini-blog/reflective journal, from a self-confessed air-head.

I'm UK born and bred and my family were initially working class but my upbringing was decidedly lower-middle class thanks to my parents' hard work.  I developed an interest in environmentalism early on in life, and later became interested in alternative spirituality.  At university I studied English Literature.  I now work in an office (because, as I discovered, English Lit doesn't qualify you for any particular career - but actually, I love my job).  I live, as I have always done, in England.  I'm married, without kids (we keep cats instead).  I like to believe I'm young at heart, and I think I'm a weird, contradictory mixture of cynicism and idealism.

I currently have a GoFundMe campaign, please visit the site, read about it and consider donating - thank you, very much.

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Jump scares in horror movies

A mini-blog/reflective journal from a self-confessed air head Jump scares in horror movies Photo: Alex Munsell, Unsplash I've b...